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New project “Photo of the week” at web-site www.disright.org


Office for the rights of persons with disabilities is presenting at the web-site www.disright.org a new project “Photo of the week”. The project is being realized in the frames of the informational campaign “Accessibility”. The main goal of the project is to visualize with the help of a photo the most important and significant aspects of the topics “Accessibility, the rights of persons with disabilities, UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities.

The coordinator of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities Sergey Drozdovskiy said about the project: “The art of photo is the language which everyone understands. We are sure that with its help we will inform the society about the real situation with the accessibility for the persons with disabilities in our country, we will show the objective information on this topic. It is very important that it will be done not in reports and tables which people not always have time and interest to read. In our photo gallery everything is presented in colorful images everyone can easily understand. In our first photos we will disclose the aspects of statistics in the sphere of disability in the Republic of Belarus. We want the public to understand that persons with disabilities are not just someone and somewhere… They are every 20th of us, this can be your neighbor or co-worker. The basic aspect of our project is to make people understand the necessity of Accessibility and that it is very important to get rid of barriers: architectural, mental, economic, legal. For example, even 1 centimeter high curb limits the realization of the rights of a person with disability the same if in the life of a person without disability 3 meter high barriers appeared. It is much more effective to show it with the help of colorful images than to explain it in words”.

Every week we will publish a new photo of the project “Photo of the week” at the website of the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities. The author of first photos is a young Belarusian photo artist Polina Khomiakina. It was her first experience of working in the sphere of social problems.

We remind you that the Office for the rights of persons with disabilities is holding the informational campaign “Accessibility”. Its slogan is “Every society is as strong as its members are”. The regional stage of the campaign is being held now.