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Book “Overcoming” by Alexander Tomkovich – the stories of destinies


The book by writer and journalist Alexander Tomkovich “Overcoming” was published in April. The author told 12 stories about persons with disabilities, who in spite of their diseases, managed to overcome their illnesses and to realize themselves in different spheres of life – sport, carrier, family and children.

“Every person has a chance in life to do something important for the humanity. We call it a heroic deed: to save a child, to stop the fire… But there also is an everyday deed, very often it is not seen to others. But because of this it is even more important – just to live a full life, without giving up, devastating your soul. This deed is done first of all for a person himself and is not seen to other people. But it has to be an example for our society.” – said Alexander Tomkovich during the presentation of the book. “Illness doesn’t ask if you want to live with it, it doesn’t give you any choice. It comes and if you want to live you start to fight it – described her overcoming one of the heroes of the book Irina Zhikhar. – I reconsidered my life and now I can say that I’m thankful to my destiny for this challenge.